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Video Is Hard!

Video is hard!! Why didn’t somebody tell me? Oh yeah, they did. After 40+ years of the still photography learning curve, you’d think I might have suspected as much. Fortunately, happy surprises much as in still photography keep me going. Like snow geese blasting off and circling in when I master Adobe Premier Pro. I might be able to post a video for you then. Lessons learned to date…you really need a tripod, or at least I do, to avoid gyrating footage even with image stabilization. I’ve looked at steady sunset light. And it really is a lot of fun, when it works. It’ll be even better cam rigs and gimbals, but a tripod is familiar and fits my needs for the moment. And I don’t really need more challenges right now. Again fortunately, I stumbled across a great deal on a used Manfrotto video tripod with a fluid head at during one of their sales that netted me one for about half the new price. Looks like and works like new except for a few cosmetic scratches on the top plate. It’s bigger and heavier than I need currently, but one lesson I learned from still photography is buy more tripod than you think you’ll need. Another lesson I’ve learned is that cheap lithium-ion batteries are cheap for a reason. They don’t hold a charge for long and their life expectancy is quite short. Unfortunately, the name brand batteries have gotten very expensive. Canon, I’m talking about you. One more fortunately, I discovered that Watson makes what appears to be a quality charger that has interchangeable plates that allow you to charge more than one type of battery. And it has a nice LED readout that shows what’s happening with the charging process. And, of course, every accessory you buy for your video camera takes a different battery. There’s even a plate for my Nikon D500 batteries. One less charger to tote around when travelling. Thank you, Watson! On February 1st, 2018, we travelled back to the Klamath Basin NWR Complex and despite winter being on the calendar, the temperatures are in the 50’s during the day. And, presumably because of the warm days, Spring migration has begun in earnest with thousands of Snow Geese, White-fronted Geese and hundreds of Trumpeter Swans. Lots of raptors too. Did I mention American White Pelican’s. A target rich environment as we photographers like to say. Lots of birds to aim my camera, video and still, at as soon as I get some new batteries. Here are a few stills from the last couple of weeks. Next time, I’ll have some videos for you, I promise.